Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Whatever the weather.....

For some reason this lunchtime I started thinking about the weather.

From a fleeting thought I was distracted by this for a further 15 minutes. I was thinking about all of the different types of weather we experience as humans, and the effects it can have on us environmentally, physically and mentally. I finally drew the conclusion that weather is a truly awesome thing!

Lightning Strike - Sydney Thunderstorm 8th April 2012 By KAM=//=DHATT via Flickr


I don't know where this is... but it's by Frans Peter Verheyen. And all I know is it's gorgeous. I love. love. love rain. And walking in the rain. :)
The Bible says that God realized that man would remain sinful, so he decided never to curse the ground for man’s sake, and never to smite every living thing again as he had done with the flood. So God made a promise to never destroy the earth by a flood again. When God makes a promise, he keeps it. As a sign of his promise, he placed the rainbow in the sky whenever it rained.  AMEN!
Walk together in a winter wonderland
The oceans takes a beating every day from the worst storms possible yet once they're over it stills itself to a calming halt..
Delightful Cloud Patterns in the Sky
where the stream meets the sea, where the sun sets in hues of orange and gold, there is where I'll be.
✯ Sunset in the tropics. This isn't Acapulco but is the sort of rosy sunset that Emilia watches in DIABLO NIGHTS, the 3rd Emilia Cruz mystery featuring the first and only female police detective in Acapulco
Tranquility Bay, Fitzroy Island, Queensland, Australia
(100+) tropical blog | Tumblr
Blowing in the wind!The Head of a Dandelion-------- Come my love, remember the days when wishes were real and their granting relied on simply blowing away the seeds off the head of dandelions. ------------poem by Lisa Denise Mason

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tea and Cake

I don't know about you but I think tea and cake is one of the nicest things in the world.

I would struggle to name my favourite cake, I have so many..... what's your favourite?
It really amazes me how many different types of cake there are, and types of tea come to mention it, one of my favourite teas of all time is Rington's green tea with citrus.

There's something about having a great wedge of cake with a hot cup of tea that feels truly indulgent.

A3 Art Print  'there's always time for tea and by stephsayshello
Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream
Tea and Cake   by
I pinned this because it looks like a yummy recipe, but also because i love this picture!  Lemon Tea Cake – Afternoon D Lite

Tea and Marble Cake #photography
Like the presentation on this one - thinking now of serving cake or slices in old champagne coupes.
Tea and Cake <3 The Best!
Cute almond cakes
A Little Loveliness: Special Delivery Tea Party. I don't know how they made that little envelope, but I want one.
“Drinking Three Cups of Tea a Day May Help Lower Blood Pressure” - LA Times  I hope this is true!

a cup of tea and a good book solves everything

Ana Rosa

Swirling leaves in the autumn breeze  As summer's laughter takes her leave  Banish the thought of cold and freeze  Refuge in a cup of tea    ~
Best Chocolate Cake Recipe ~ This Chocolate Cake is seriously the best, So moist and chocolatey... it should be illegal.

OOoh :)) Niiice :]
Looking at the ingredients list for the Mint Chocolate Chip buttercream almost gave me artherosclerosis reading it, but maybe for a special occasion!
Cooking The Amazing: CARROT CAKE This is the best Carrot cake recipe I have ever made!  The cake lasts maybe 2 DAYS at best in my house.

Moist Christmas Fruit Cake: Fruit cake is a traditional British Christmas cake that is full of fruits and nuts and laced with alcohol, usually brandy.  This gives the fruit cake a subtle brandy flavor and a moist texture, plus it also allows the fruit cake to be stored fora long time. #cake #fruit #christmas
Do You Know Your Afternoon Tea History?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Inspirations

I love autumn, in fact I love each season individually.

In Autumn, I love wrapping up warm, walking in the falling leaves, stopping for a coffee, snuggling up, reading a book...... and so much more.......

How about you??

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote Free Printable | On Sutton Place

decorated lantern...
I would wear these with a cute gray skirt and some boots. I love these because they look super cozy, I love knee high socks and I love the pattern.

Look of the Day - October 5, 2014 - Chrissy Teigen from #InStyle
Back To School Outfit Trends 2013 | Women Style |

Nutella Cafe Latte @SECooking | Sandra

Google Image Result for
Love and Rain - Google Search
This Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake is the BEST chocolate cake you will ever make. Period.

UGG Classic Cardy Boots in Gray - Three oversized wood buttons allow the boot to be worn up, slouched down, slightly unbuttoned or completely cuffed down.
Comfy cardy Uggs... Whuuut!!!
Had to repin this pic as I'm sitting by the open fire on an Autumn evening while I Pinterest!... Fireplace | Todd Freeman, Flickr
Pomosa - Pomegranate juice and champagne: We made these to go with our Christmas dinner. They were very good. We used a sweet champagne and pom pomegranate juice. This is a quick and very easy drink. You only need those two ingredients and your done. We will be making these in future for sure and year round too!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Thoughts of the weekend.................

I know, I know....... it's only Wednesday, but already my thoughts are drifting towards the weekend.

These pictures encapsulate my ideal weekend:

Pain Au Chocolat ( can't wait to eat these in Paris next month! - Emilee)

Bucks Fizz (aka Mimosa).
Do not ask for less responsibility, to be free and relaxed, ask for more strength. | Shengyan

Neon Gallery | Neon Sign Pictures | Neon Light Images | Neon Creations
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Loving Your #Coffee

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about yangmai? Chances are you never heard of it.There’s a whole world full of fun and tasty fruits. Try our Top 10  Exotic Fruits that will give your taste buds a jolt! #healthy  #fruit
Shoes off. Stand for a moment and breathe in the salty sea air deep into your belly. Wiggle your toes into the sand. Walk towards the blue. Instant Holiday.

And what better place to buy the shoes than at our Girls Night Out Party October 15th!  Take 50% OFF our already awesome prices!
Tips To Lift Your Ass From The Couch And Get You To The Gym! - Motivation Tricks
these 4 girls!!!!!! .... Sex and the City
oversized comfy chair, would love to just curl up on it and watch a movie or ready a book.
Mexican Casserole with Roasted Corn and Peppers | 29 Gluten-Free Ways To Satisfy A Carb Craving

After A Week Of Hard Work :-) Families Gloucestershire

Clothing :: Dresses :: Glamour Dresses :: 'Monroe' Black Chiffon Wrap Dress - Celeb Boutique - Celebrity Style At High Street Prices| Bodycon Dresses | Bandage Dresses | Party Dresses. How Cute!!

Dancing Heart Shoes from BHLDN (Blue by Betsey Johnson). A light blue sole is your "something blue!"